Tesla Prime and the Regulus Event – Summary

27 May

In “Tesla Prime and the Regulus Event”, a group of seven astronauts embark on a mission to explore the distant and alien world of Proteus. Twenty-seven years later, the crew of Tesla Prime returns to find that the Earth has vanished. The only clues are a cryptic message left by an engineer on the Moon and a giant ring structure larger than the Earth itself. The woefully unprepared group of scientists and engineers must band together and find a way to save the human race from extinction. With the fate of the world teetering, a last minute replacement, Daxman Spinner, rises to become an unwilling anti-hero in Earth’s final hour.

At its core, “Tesla Prime” is an intelligent science fiction epic in the same subgenre as “Dune” and “Ender’s Game”.  It is a layered character driven novel, with complex and damaged heroes, mystery, betrayal, and a dash of romance.  Based on my work at NASA/JPL and lectures I have given as an astronomy professor, I’ve worked hard to make sure the story is grounded in real science and cutting-edge technology.

Thank you for visiting and welcome aboard “Tesla Prime and the Regulus Event”.  I hope you enjoy the chapters that I have posted.