Timeline of Events


1870 – Nikola Tesla writes a paper on electromagnetic propulsion 128 years before the technology is developed.

1903 – The Wright Brothers take mankind’s first flight above the surface of the Earth.  The flight lasts just twelve seconds.

1957 – Soviet Union launches Sputnik.

1969 – Neil Armstrong sets foot on the Moon.

1998 – Deep Space 1 launches and demonstrates for the first time that Nikola Tesla’s vision of electromagnetic propulsion technology is real.

2013 – The Kepler Space Telescope discovers the most Earth-like planet to date orbiting Tau Ceti, 11.8 light years away.  The planet is named Proteus, which means “First Born”.

2018 – The Grazier Space Telescope detects oxygen in the atmosphere of Proteus and proves definitively the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

2020 – The International Space Collective (ISC) is formed.  The purpose of this organization is to pool funds from 13 different countries for joint operations in space.

2027 – Ad Astro Corp develops the Arc Coil Einstein Engine (ACE) for traveling at relativistic speeds making travel to Tau Ceti and Proteus possible.  The Tesla Prime project begins.

2029 – The U.S. establishes a base on the Moon, named after astronomer Carl Sagan.

2032 – The ISC, in conjunction with Ad Astro Corp and Northrop Grumman finishes development of Tesla Prime, the first interstellar spacecraft.  Program costs rise to nearly $200 billion, most of which is paid for by the U.S.

2035 – The ISC announces plans to travel to Proteus.  The Tesla Prime project balloons to $500 billion.  Ten countries end their financial support of the project.  Several groups opposed to the launch form and begin staging protests.

2035 – North Korea invades South Korea.  The international reaction is swift.  After a short war, the South Korean government is reinstated.

2036 – A plot to destroy Tesla Prime is uncovered.  Thirty-two members of a fanatical religious group, the Earth Liberation Front, are arrested.

2038 – The Earth Liberation Front launches a massive and coordinated cyber-attack crippling internet infrastructure in an attempt to disrupt plans to launch Tesla Prime.  The project continues.

2039 – Amid a cloud of secrecy, the ISC selects the crew of Tesla Prime.

2040 – A rare Ebola outbreak strikes West Los Angeles.  Building 200 at the UCLA Medical Center is quarantined.  Eight people die as a result of the outbreak.  First responder, Maria Warfield is among those deceased.

2041 – Led by Master Sergeant Thomas Warfield, the crew of Tesla Prime lifts off from planet Earth.  Protests turn violent at the launch site in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  Two people are killed, 54 wounded.

2042 – As Tesla Prime approaches the speed of light, the crew enters cryostasis.

2054 –The crew touches down on Proteus to begin the collection of plant and animal specimens.  Due to time dilation and cryostasis, the crew has aged less than a year.

2055 –The crew of Tesla Prime reenters cryostasis and begins their voyage back to Earth.

2060 – The Regulus Event occurs.

2068 – After a 27-year round-trip journey, the crew of Tesla Prime returns home.

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